Whelen CenCom Carbide

Tina Altadonna - Friday, October 21, 2016

Your One-Box Solution

CenCom Carbide is the latest from our proven family of products, with reliable, situation-based integration.  Carbide officer advanced engineering for superior automated performance.  Simple to install, simple to configure, simple to clone.  

Safety and distraction are NOT compatible. CenCom Carbide has been engineered to automate system responses – so officers can concentrate on whatever they’re facing. Carbide’s intuitive operations and hands-free features allow for situational awareness that can mean the difference between protection and harm.

Carbide is based on systems that have been proven on the job – with thousands of officers behind the wheel. And in the field, dependability is everything.

The newly designed Carbide control head is practical and ergonomically designed. Warning lights, siren, and Traffic Advisor™ functions can be controlled from a single keypad. The slide switch and buttons are grouped by function for simple touch control – keeping the officer’s eyes on the road.

Carbide technology has been tested and proven in every environment – from our own state-of-the art testing facilities in Connecticut to highways and urban streets across the country. Whether it’s a routine patrol or a demanding tactical situation, we make sure that officer safety is built in.

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