Havis Launches Full Line of Materials Handling Computer Docking Solutions

Tina Altadonna - Thursday, July 07, 2016
Havis Launches Full Line of Materials Handling Computer Docking Solutions

Distracted driving isn't just something that happens on the highway.  It can be a problem for warehouse workers as well.  

Eye strain, also isn't just something that affects office workers.  Computers are a part of nearly every work environment these days, and starting at screens affects everyone.  

With these issues in mind, Havis Inc. is pleased to announce its full line of computer mounting and docking solutions for workers who use forklifts, pallet jacks and mobile carts.  

Our equipment mounting, computer docking stations, cradles and peripheral accessories are designed to help these workers increase their productivity while also maximizing their safety and comfort.  

SegSolutions for Manufacturing

Tina Altadonna - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Segway, the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation, has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of the new i2 SE, x2 SE and SegSolution accessory packages.  The new models travel indoors and outdoors, easily passing through doorways, while the x2 SE is tuned to navigate off-road terrain including grass, gravel and sand.  

With the addition of SegSolution Accessory packages, Segway has made it even easier to optimize the PT for your business needs.  Both the Commercial and Logistics Solution packages improve productivity by efficiently traveling throughout vast warehouses and easily maneuvering in narrow aisles by leveraging the i2 SE’s zero turning radius. 

The Segway PT along with a SegSolution Accessory package has improved how many businesses are now navigating the narrow aisles of their manufacturing plant and their expansive warehouse facilities. Both the commercial and logistics solution packages boast features like open storage bins or cargo cases, and a smartphone or tablet mount to further improve productivity.  The all electric Segway PT gives commercial users the freedom to travel inside and outside, allowing for greater flexibility for those that have multiple buildings on their property.   

Known for their innovation, Segway continues to create accessory packages so users can improve their productivity, while always maintaining comfort, portability and usability.  To learn more about Segway, their products, accessory packages or to become an authorized Dealer, please contact Mobile Fleet, your Regional Sales Representatives at (631) 206-2920 or visit

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